Trident bound for Wales?

A report in today's Scotland on Sunday claims that the Ministry of Defence is so worried about the movement towards independence for Scotland that it is considering moving the UK's nuclear missiles out of the country, apparently the ministry has already closely examined four sites for Trident's replacement outside of Scotland.

This is clearly good news for Scotland and the fact that the MoD is making plans for the eventuality of Scottish independence suggests that Westminster is beginning to accept the inevitable end of the 1707 union.

However the report goes on to explain where these four sites outside Scotland are:
Scotland on Sunday has learned that the swing towards the SNP forced the MoD to review three sites in England and one in Wales. The sites were originally considered as potential hosts for the UK's nuclear deterrent when the government was seeking a base for the Polaris system in the 1960s.

The MoD's preferred option is to place the nuclear missiles in Devonport, but as Devonport does not presently have a facility where missiles can be loaded, unloaded and stored, no final decision has been made and none of the four sites have been dismissed. So Trident might be moved from Scotland to Pembrokeshire.

The best way for Wales to let the MoD know that we don't want their nuclear missiles in Wales either is to ensure that Plaid Cymru is given as much support in the Assembly election as it appears the SNP is enjoying in the Hollyrood election.

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