Former Shadow Welsh Secretary in Race Row

Welsh political junkies with a long memory will remember Nigel Evans the MP for the Ribble Valley as Conservative Shadow Secretary of State for Wales when Ian Duncan Smith lead the party.

Apparently Mr Evans was pictured in today’s Daily Mirror with his face blacked up and sporting an “Afro” wig. Even Mr Evans agrees that the photograph is distasteful, beneath contempt

The full story, a copy of the offending picture and a response from the man himself can be found on Chris Paul’s Labour of Love blog.


  1. The thing is Labour are on theropes for buggering up the country, so they have to resort to this silly stuff. Why fall for their game.

  2. did you see the picture lol he was so bumptious when he was Tory Wales spokesman. made me smile as my old gran used to say -what goes around finds it s way backaround