Getting Abreast of Economic Indicators

The Welsh blogosphere's economics guru, Prof DJE, is currently on a research trip to the USA (nice work if you can get it).

On his return I wonder if the Prof will be able to adapt the latest US economic indicator to the Welsh economy. Apparently the state of the American economy may be gauged by the number of boob jobs performed each year, and some plastic surgeons are predicting that 2008 will be ... ym ... er... flat !

I think I should bring this post to a premature close now, before I make any unsavoury comments about the pair of tits that are currently in charge of the Welsh economy or say something sexist about Helen Mary's cleavage. (I don't want to be accused of being vulgar again!!!)


  1. I'm forever trying to get a breast but have little luck.

  2. or the number of Boobys we vote in

  3. I really think that it's about time that this was nipped in the bud.

  4. Been on the sherry trifle again, Alwyn?