With Friends like Paul....

As I have noted in a previous post, I have known Peter Hain since we were both Young Liberals many, many years ago. From that knowledge I can't accept claims made by some that Peter is some sort of a "sleazy crook". However my faith in the man's integrity cannot hide the FACT, that Peter has failed to declare large donations to his campaign that he should have declared according to law.

In fairness to Peter, he has admitted that the way that the financial affairs of his deputy leadership campaign was handled was a bloody mess, he is doing his best to sort the mess out and he has accepted that he is ultimately responsible for the situation by not keeping a closer eye on what was happening.

If anything is going to save Peter's skin it will be the openness and honesty he has shown to the authorities and the general public about the shambles he has found found himself in. What is likely to condemn Peter is friends, like Paul Flynn MP, trying to excuse and cover up the shambles, and trying to hide Mr Hain's mess by pointing the finger at others.

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