The one post wonder that was Nationalist View claimed that the author had to look at this blog to see what was happening in Cornwall. I doubt that that was ever true, however two Cornish national blogs have started posting more often in recent months:

Cornish Democrat. This appears to be a group blog that posts about the political scene in Cornwall and also posts press releases / information from the Celtic League.

Cllr. Dick Cole is the leader of Mebyon Kernow, The Party of Cornwall, currently the third largest party in the country. MK trails behind the Liberal Democrats and the Conservatives but beats the Labour Party.

Before their merger with the SDP the old Liberal party depended on the three Celtic Countries to provide its representation in Westminster. There was a time when almost all the Liberal MPs came from Scotland Wales or Cornwall; this is one of the reasons why the Liberals and the Lib Dems have been favourable to devolution in Wales and Scotland. As Cllr Cloe has to point out on a regular basis, the Lib Dems are the cuckoo in the nest in Cornwall - enjoying a lot of support in the country whilst doing nothing to support its national aspirations.

If you haven't done so already, both sites are worth putting in your blog reader or noting as regular places to visit.

On the subject of Cornwall I wonder if any supporter of the Campaign for an English Parliament or the English Democratic Party can enlighten me as to their attitude towards Cornwall. Whenever I post anything in agreement with the CEP or the EDP I can guarantee a response from somebody criticising me for supporting organisations that don't recognise Cornwall's national existence. But I can find nothing on either organisation's websites or on supportive blogs to confirm or deny that this is true.


  1. Cornish nationalists appear to lack the cohesion and focus of their northern Celtic cousins. In unity lies strength. At least they already have their Stannary Parliament. They need to establish more credibility and persistence in order to be taken seriously.

  2. As an English Democrat and CEP member I can see no problem with Cornwall seceding from England if that is what they want.
    What we don't want though is to answer the West Lothian Question and instantly create a Tamar question.
    The Cornish Nats have had a big problem with the SW regional assembly but they will go eventually due to a fierce anti regional assembly campaign that is still ongoing by the CEP, English Democrats, UKIP and others.
    The Cornish Nats seem to blame the English for the SW assembly but they have to acknowledge that New Labour is predominately a Celt party and must take it up with the scottish raj.
    I would just add that although the Cornish Nats did not want to be associated with regional assemblies, they were, and are. very keen for the English to have them.

  3. Cllr. Dick Cole is the leader of Mebyon Kernow, The Party of Cornwall, currently the third largest party in the country.

    I am sure they're big in Cornish terms but nationally they must be some way behind the Monster Raving Loonies!

    I think a stray "r" has crept into that word "country"!