There ain't nothing like a broad

I have some sympathy with Tony Blair's former aid de camp, John McTernan, when he complains about the influence of Presbyterians on British Politics. Deputy Welsh FM, Ieuan Wyn Jones was raised in a Presbyterian manse, as was Northern Irish FM Ian Paisley and Union PM Gordon Brown - the Presies do seem to have a lot of influence in these Islands. But these three don't seem to make up a cohesive "narrow" force somehow!

Like Mr McTernan I too dislike "narrow" nationalism.

A quick flick through my blogroll proves that Cornish, English, Scottish and Welsh nationalist are far from being a single narrow group. Alan, Bethan, Charlie, Dick, Gethin, Gareth, McNumpty, Ordo, Tartan Hero, Tommy and many others show how broad an inter-faith community (as Adam would say) the nationalist cause is.

On the other hand the UKainian nationalists do seem to have a very narrow view. A narrow nationalism that I join Mr McTernan in condemning.


  1. As a nominal presbyterian,I should point out that the word is an anagram of Britney Spears.

  2. The nationalist cause is not so much concerned with faiths and ideologies as with Wales and the struggle for independence. This is the primary cause to which we all adhere. Thus, we work in our different ways and expressions to achieve this goal.

  3. The National Cause, in this post is not confined to the narrowness of Wales - that is why Cornish, English and Scots Gnats are included in the references!