Lefty Saxon Gnat

I came across this blog whilst blog surfing earlier today:

Rebellion Sucks

A Socialist English Nationalist Blog. Most Welsh and Scottish nationalist blogs are left wing. English Nationalism seems always to be portrayed as right wing.

Now, being a tad to the right myself, I usually have more sympathy for the English national cause than I do for the lefty Welsh national cause. But it is good to see that there are some lefties who support England's self-determination.

Now where are the right in Wales who support my Welsh Nationalism and me?


  1. Other left-wing supporters of an English parliament are Socialist Unity and Paul Linford.

    Now Charlie will comment and tell me that Paul linford isn't left-wing, just a Labour supporter ;0

  2. Sir Brian Barder is another lefty blogger in support of an English Parliament.

  3. No I won't!

    Oh, all right I will.

    Paul Linford isn't *that* left wing if he's still a Labour supporter.

    Having said that, I'm backing Ken for London Mayor - so Boris can finish his book on the British. Can't wait for that one...

  4. Oh, and Neil Clark has confided his support for English devolution - but I couldn't get him to join the Witanagemot Club because there were some other dodgy people in it (besides me, apparently!)