Catch up

August is for holidaying not for blogging, so I have to apologise once again to those who have been eagerly awaiting my pearls of wisdom, only to find nothing offered.

I have noticed that some blogger announce their holidays beforehand on their blogs by saying things such as I will be away next week so blogging will be light. Is this a wise thing to do?

It wouldn't take a genius with a telephone directory or an electoral role to work out where I live. Isn't an announcement that I won't be blogging often over the next few months because I am taking a first class world cruise, telling potential baddies who might read my blog that they are free to come and pinch the family silver?

Baddies please note: I dont have any family silver, nor can I afford a world cruise - the point is made for illustration only:-)

I haven't been on a world cruise. I have just spent a few days in the land of my mothers, a land deprived of Olympic glory.

Whatever the rights or wrongs of the SNP's call for a separate Scottish Olympic team, there is no doubt that Scottish and Welsh athletes have received native glory in the media as people from Scotland or Wales on top of basking in the glory of team GB. Apparently there are to be special events to celebrate their success in Cardiff and Edinburgh. But what of the English medalists? Nothing special to celebrate what they have achieved for England!

It really annoys me when Unionist politicians accuse Welsh and Scottish nationalists of being anti-English. The homecoming celebrations of team GB's success prove, yet again, that it is not the nationalists who are anti English - but the unionists, who wish to dismiss the existence of that proud and honorable nation, England, by smothering it in Britishnes.

The main way in which England i's smothered by Britishnes is the way in which the media use England and Britain as synonymous terms. I'm not sure where the next Olympic games will be held, in the UK, in Great Britain, Britain, England or just the parish of London?

I am not the only person who is uncertain about the difference between England and Britain. I missed Boris Johnston's appearance on Who do you think you are? So I watched it on the internet repeats thingy. Boris responded to the discovery that he was descended from Frederick Prince of Wales with What! Wales, England? - before he was corrected by a German Archivist who knew better!

There are a few other posts that I missed during my absence that I will react to in a separate post (or posts), but the "Pick of the Week" has to be this post by Calum Carr. (It snot a nice post, so people of a nervous disposition shouldn't click the link!)


  1. Congratulations on getting No.6 placing in Iain Dale's top 40 Welsh blogs.

  2. Thanks for pushing people my way. I hope they managed to pick their way safely through my blog.