I'll see you in cwrt

There is a new gosip and scandal blog on the Welsh block The Cwrt.

Given that blogs of this sort don't seem to last long in Wales due to the touchiness of some of the elected and salaried officials down in the Bay, readers are encouraged to visit the blog as a matter of urgency, so that they know what the fuss is about when the plug is inevitably pulled on it.


  1. Hmm, now there's a cryptic statement Mr Iguana. Care to elucidate?

  2. It's been known for blogs to be set up in order to find out more about anonymous bloggers - building up trust and so on. Now there's a conspiracy theory for you! :)

    They'll be building gallows for this one if he/she continues, or more accurately, gets caught.

  3. Yeah. Not having a go at the blog's author, whoever they are, but the timing is a bit iffy. On the back of the stuff happening to Miss, and monitoring of Welsh blogs by legal firms (allegedly), for this to appear now is well.. it got my spider-senses tingling.

    I'm not worried so much about gallows, but what if a blog appeared that was so controversial, so shocking, that it set legal presidents or legislation that made it hard for other bloggers to comment on stuff? I like juicy gossip as much as the next person, but calling the Llywydd a "tw*t" is just asking for it, and bringing the Welsh blogosphere into disrepute. Imo only, of course.

  4. Calling the Llywydd a Tw*t and disagreeing with his views about LCO's is fair comment. The other posts that suggest that two married AMs are having an affair and another is a sexual pervert are a bit off, and do make you wonder what this blog is about.

    I'm not sure that it is a trap or a conspiracy, but it does make me wonder if the point of the blog is to prove "how irresponsible blogs are" in order to justify recent criticisms and calls for censorship.

  5. I can understand why the blog may not last.

  6. I would respectfully suggest to readers that if Cwrt is just a tenth as salacious as Guido Fawkes, then we may be in for a treat.

    From a personal point of view I see nothing disreputable in referring to the Llwydd as a Twat, particularly when he is a 24 carat example of the same.

  7. There is a massive difference between Guido, who actually finds eveidence to support his findings, and a half-baked idea form a researcher who has been going around vowing to 'get the Llywydd'. Truly and utterly pathetic and a waste of this young man's talents.

  8. anonymous 2.26/08/2008, 01:47

    anonymous 3.

    I'm a little disappointed that our new blogger, cwrt, may lack the evidential attributes of the aforesaid Fawkes.

    Your response indicates that you may know a little more than we out-of-the-loopers.

    If, as you say, cwrt has been sounding off about "getting the Llwydd" then I would suggest that a far wider horizon of subjects would be more appropriate, as I am sure that there are more interesting shenanigans in the Assembly that we, the public, may find to be amusing.

  9. It looks like the "Cwrt" blog has already died!

    Al's point that it is a trap, or Anon 13:26's point that it is an "example" of the irresponsibility of blogging seem to ring true.

  10. Anyone noted the similarity in style (and lack of understanding of the libel laws) between Cwrt and Dim Lol?