Exit Music for Labour

In the latest book in the series, Exit Music D.I. Rebus solves his last crime and retires from the police force. The end of his creations carer might mean that the author of the Rebus books has some time on his hands, time that might be put to use by standing for parliament perhaps.

A friend of a friend of a friend of Ian Rankin assures me that the author is seriously considering throwing his hat into the ring as a potential Labour candidate in the forthcoming Glenrothes by election.

The other name that had been strongly rumoured to be a favourite for candidate, former First Minister Henry McLeish, seems to have been fatally stabbed in the back by unnamed Labour colleagues. I wonder if Inspector Rebus can find out who wielded the knife.

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  1. Well, what the hell - why not. As long as he keeps onwriting.
    Don't think we have seen the last of Rebus - there is plenty of room for his activities if DS Clarke takes over centre stage. I hope so.