Top of the Blogs

I am not keen on awards for opinions.

I have a fear that opinions might change in order to win awards!

I'm sure that if this blog wasn't such an opinionated nationalist blog, and didn't express an abject hatred of the evils of socialism, it might be more popular and gain more votes in blog awards.

If I thought that awards were important, I might be tempted to change my views in order to gain more votes next time around.

Having said that I am grateful to all who kindly voted for my blogs in Iain Dale's blog awards. Apparently I have the sixth and seventeenth most popular Welsh blogs (and I am the only blogger to have two blogs in one category, so far). I am also the 10th most popular non aligned blog.

So thanks for your support, but don't expect me to mellow my opinions in order to get a higher position next year!


  1. Congratulations.

    Odd that we're both listed as Plaid blogs though.

  2. Excellent stuff, I must admit I am coming late to the miserable old fart party.

    (Now that's a line I never thought I'd type.)

    I'll add you as a link from up here in Scotchland and hope you don't compromise on opinion, no point in blogging without a bit of controversy!