Doctors and Nurses!

I have received an e-mail from BMAC asking me to link to their blog.

I am very happy to link to the Basingstoke Model Aero Club. However I suspect that the BMAC in question is the British Medical Association in Wales, the Medical Doctor's trade Union.

Because I am just a nurse I am used to being ordered about by doctors in a hospital setting, but I'll be buggered if I will be told what to do by doctors in the blogosphere!

So NO I will NOT provide a full link to the BMA Cymru blog, unless nurse's blogs are treated as equal by them!

I am grateful to the BMA for enabling me to raise an old gripe:

Why are people with bachelor degrees in medicine considered to be proper doctors, whilst nurses with PhD's, LlD's, DLit's etc are asked not to use their honest right to the title Doctor, in order to avoid confusion?


  1. I have a friend with a PhD who has recently embarked on a medical degree. Will he be Doctor Doctor?

    Nurse! Screens please!

  2. Perhaps we should have a campaign to use "y Meddyg" as a title (just as "yr Athro" is)... Then infect English with it...