Boring Welsh politics

Rhodri Morgan once said that the politics of Welsh was Boring, Boring Boring, and that the Assembly of which he is First Minister is also boring.

David Cameron for the Tories said on his visit to Barry that Welsh politics was boring.

Welsh Liberal Democrat MP Lembit Öpik is so bored with his job representing his constituents that he tries to spice up his life with even more celebrity appearances.

Is there a party that isn't bored with Welsh politics?


But as the voice over on the Weakest Link often asks will the votes reflect the reality?

Probably not! And Plaid members and supporters should be asking themselves why this should be so?

There was a time when Plaid could command the headlines by shouting for Wales, despite its poor election results. Think of Penyberth, Tyweryn, Gwynfor's death threat. Plaid punched a thousand times above its weight and demanded attention in those days.

With every other Party being bored by Wales why isn't Plaid shouting above it weight NOW? Is the leadership of Plaid also bored with Welsh Politics?

Tell me it aint so Jo Ieu! Tell me it aint so!


  1. Myabe because plaid haven't had poor results for a while. Into Government at the Assembly, best ever council results. Maybe it is punching its weight now just that its weight is much more than it used to be.

  2. Ieuan Wyn Jones is possibly the most boring component of Welsh politics. Dyn neis, ond fel diod o dŵr.

  3. a cartoon about them make em less bored!