True Wales Big Lies

As the kids are on holiday and have commendeered my computer I haven't had much time to follow whats going on in the world of Welsh political blogging this week. Thanks to an e-mail I have been informed that my name has been dragged through the mud in the comments section of Betsan Powys' blog.

38. At 05:34am on 13 Feb 2009, Bostoniwr wrote:
There are some interesting point of view concerning True Wales on Alwyn ap Huw's blogspot blog, "Miserable Old Fart". He begins with this sentence:

"There is a sweet irony in the fact that a movement calling itself True Wales should launch its campaign by making a string of untruthful claims!"

plus ca change! Sounds familiar to anybody who's been exposed to their members posts on this blog.

The post that bostoniwr refers to can be found Here

39. At 06:09am on 13 Feb 2009, TheStonemason wrote:

"Alwyn ap Huw" is unlikely to write anything other than he has in your quote, he with others have established counter argument to the "No" position, he has been vociferous in his support for additional powers. Some even created a very similar web site to confuse, a very typical Nationalist technique when argument is weak.

Yet he has recently fallen out of love with Plaid Cymru.

You could be he, in different clothes.

I am disappointed with the Stonemason's contribution. Although we have differences of opinion about our views on the best constitutional settlement for Wales I hope that I have always opposed his opinions with courtesy and respect and with my own name displayed in big bold letters. I never make anonymous comments. I don't see the point of expressing an opinion without making it clear that it is my opinion.

Incidentally I haven't particularly fallen out with Plaid Cymru. I stopped being a member of Plaid Cymru some 10 years or so ago (not recently). That was more to do with falling out with the idea of membership of any party and the need to toe the party line that membership involves. I disagree with Plaid's socialism and its commitment to the EU; I don't think that the party shows its Nationalist credentials as much as it should do. Not being a member allows me to say so. But as far as any allegiance goes I will vote for Plaid and support Plaid in every election, as the best of a bunch of parties who's lines I will not toe!

41. At 08:42am on 13 Feb 2009, mapexx wrote:
Message 38....

What is significant is, not that True Wales is as charged, but that Alwyn ap Huw, does not expand on his charge that True Wales has published lies.

Maybe Bostonian,otherwise known as BOSSY BOOTS, could do it for him, and lay out on this blog, just what lies True Wales has supposedly told.

I would think that if any lies have been told it is by....

a: Alwyn ap Huw.
b: Plaid Cymru.
c: The Cardiff Bay mob, and
d: quite a few who frequent these blogs with their nationalist agenda's.

This is another one of True Wales' Big Lies. The post in question expands in detail on five specific lies that True Wales told in their initial outing.

However to give a more up to date example of True wales lying I refer Mapexx to True Wales own blogsite, where it states that one of its aims is that any application to draw down Legislative Competence Orders from the United Kingdom Government should reflect the wishes of the majority of the Welsh people where as True Wales actually opposes any drawing down of policies as a matter of principal.


  1. The people who post on Betsan's blog are mostly very ignorant welsh-language hating paranoiacs who know shit about the constitutional issues and harbour real racist hate toweards We;sh and Welsh-speakers.
    Also, Stonemason is an idiot.
    The seem to think the referendum is For or against the assembly, but haven;t got he balls to actually set up a NO Assembly group themselves, so they hide behind True Wales, which also doesn;t have the guts to say what it wants, so prefers to distort the current debates.
    Forget them. Thick and nasty individuals. Check the blog and see what I mean -

  2. comment one by Drain Rod....

    What an intelligent and perfectly nice person this DR is. In a nightmarish sort of way, that is.

    In claiming the 'ignorance and language hating' for contributors to Betsan's Blog, he not only is an out right liar, he shows even more antipathy to free speech than those he castigates.

    More to be pitied than castigated for his outlandish rhetoric.

    We who do not support either Devolution, or the Assembly, which came about from the 1997 undemocratic referendum, are quite entitled to oppose both, and in doing so we are acting within the parameters of democratic dissent.

    Neither do we castigate the language he appears fond of, many of the acts performed in the name of the language, and much of the slimy and devious manipulations of our Anglo Welsh way of life... Yes, we do, and will continue to castigate.

    Now if Drain Rod cannot abide that, then tough, he is both antagonistic and belligerent, and when all measures are calculated, absolutely NO friend of either Wales, or the bulk of it's population.

    That applies to the rest of that gobby minority who wish to have Wales directed towards a destructive future, under the Cymraeg dominated WAG/Assembly.

    Nothing but an elitist bunch of nationalist bastards, which is the best way to describe such manipulative and deconstructive maniacs.

    Who the hell does he think he is, more to the point, who the hell does he think he represents?