Tell Bethan you Love Her!

As St Valentine's day approaches Bethan Jenkins AM is feeling unloved and unwanted:

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching, and while I never usually celebrate it, I thought perhaps I should use it as an opportunity to recindle my love of blogging, as we seem to have become very distant of late. I think perhaps I am afraid of commitment- either that or the honeymoon period is over! …Sorry about the analogy- corny I know, but I’m trying to explain why I have failed to blog for so long. Betsan Powys suggested that I should consider not apologising for failing to blog, but I guess that people stop visiting blogs if they don’t update them, and if I continue, I want to ensure that I get at least a core readership!

Aw! Shame - from second most shaggable blogger to on the shelf in less than six months!

Pop over to Beth's blog and leave a little message on her comments page so that she knows that you do really love her - poor dab!


  1. well you only get out what you put in ,thats what my old gran used to say.

  2. Come to think of it, that was a very easy post for you, too, Alwyn.