Ta! Ta! Syr Emyr?

Adam Price MP suggests that Sir Emyr Jones Parry may not be able to continue with his role as boss of the Committee for Delaying Welsh Democracy for much longer.

Adam also suggests that Sir Em should be replaced!

I would prefer that the committee be abolished. I can't see the point of its existence.

The whole point of the committee is just pointless. Its job is to advise the Assembly about whether or when a referendum should be held on further powers for the Assembly - a political decision!

Don't we elect and pay politicians to make political decisions?

If the Assembly can't be arsed to make such a simple decision for itself, without outside help, what's the point of the Assembly's existence?

Adam suggests that as Lord Ivor Richards was an UN Permanent Representative and a European Commissioner, before he presented his report; and Sir Emyr is a diplomat of vast experience - we need another experienced diplomat to continue the job!

Adam suggests Hywel Ceri Jones, a former Director-General at the European Commission!

This might be a shock to Adam, but Wales isn't Gaza, Wales isn't Afganhistan, Wales isn't Sri Lanka, Rwanda or Tibet!

There are rare disagreements about devolution in Wales, which can get heated - but not so heated that a good barmaid can't cool them. We don't need a High Profile International Diplomat to sort them out for F**k sake!

What we need are politicians who believe in devolution and who are willing to take the bull by the horns and start campaigning for a yes vote NOW!


  1. But Hywel Ceri is just that and he is much more than a diplomat. He has a much much wider view and experience and is also far more intouch with Wales.However I agree the committee is a distraction, cut it now

  2. No insult towards Hywel Ceri, Sir Emyr, Lord Richards or the late Lord Kilbrandon was intended. They are all men of immense talent and experience. I just don't believe that after electing and employing 60 AM's and 40 MP's we need diplomatic help to sort out what is, basically, a simple political decision.

  3. David Llewellyn13/02/2009, 09:53

    Hello Alwyn ap Huw!

    Bostoniwr mentioned your blog on Betsan Powys' BBC Wales Politics blog and I thought I'd give you a read! And I have to say it is a breath of fresh air!

    I haven't considered this perspective from a devolutionist that the All Wales Convention is unnessary. Normally we hear of Unionist decrying the Convention.

    I would comment that the Convention is to sound out support, or is supposed to. And has been commented on Betsan's blog before, it has not gotten off to the best of starts. This immage is not good for devolution in Wales.

    What are your thoughts on how to counter that?

    Lastly, you do make comment that we do not need a diplomate to head the Convention. I would disagree only because I do think that with the four entrenched parties in Wales (Labour, Plaid, Conservative, LibDem) with enough gravatas to command respect.

    In the end, I do agree with your perspective that the Assembly does need to do a better job selling what that could do to the Welsh public if they were given more authority. I think that is what will convince the Welsh voter.