Deus Samolidi ex Machina?

This is the first PPB offered by the SNP for the May 5th elections:

I am not impresed, it reminds me of the Deus ex Machina of ancient Greek and Latin drama, a good story with a bad ending, where a god in the machine comes down to say it all ended happily ever after! Ych a fi. I hope that the SNP has better to offer than Salmond as the god in the Machine of Scots politics!

Having said that, where are the Welsh PPB's from all parties?

Time is short. There are votes to be won. But with only a few weeks to go the election campaign seems to be a non starter at the moment.

Time to pull the finger out?


  1. I like it. Straight lift from the Life of Brian, but very effective. I just how Plaid can come up with something just as effective.

  2. I agree with Sionnyn. Good imitation of the Life of Brian and a good way of getting the message across. Plaid could copy it, but I think they would struggle to come up with 5 actual achievements over the last 4 years. Would be funny to watch them try though.

  3. I have never watched The Life of Brian; I don't want to watch The Life of Brian and if this SNP broadcast is seen by those who liked that blasphemous filth as similar to the Life of Brian; I dislike it more now than I did when I first saw it!