Community Councillor Needs to Buy New Shirt!

Damn and Blast! I should have made sure that I was wearing a decent shirt before allowing the North Wales Weekly News to photograph me for their article on my non-election to the community council! I hadn't noticed the frayed collar until I saw the picture in the paper - very embarrassing!

The tie is of my Betton family tartan, a sept of Clan MacBeth, which does not (of necessity) signify Hubble Bubble Toil and Trouble for the Community Council!


  1. They should have photoshopped it (or at least used some coloured pencils on the negative) before publishing.

    Shame on the local press!

  2. The last time you put yourself for community counsellor you whinged when you lost. This time you won and your still whinging. Give up!!!!!

  3. The last time I stood for election to the community council I did not whinge about the result, what I said after the result was that I had thoroughly enjoyed the experience and would stand for election again. I have consistently complained about community councillors being selected without election; those complaints are as valid for my non-election as they are for the non-election of about 6000 other Welsh community councillors.