Have you ever been to Seakittenguard?

The idea of vegetarianism has never appealed to me, I'm too fond of my Sunday roast to give up meat.

In fact I've never understood the arguments in favour of vegetarianism: that not eating meat is somehow kinder to other inhabitants of this planet. Eating a vegetable deprives another animal of a meal from that vegetable and may lead to its death through starvation. If I eat the lettuce in the garden then the slugs starve. If the slugs get to it first then I starve (unless I have a ham sandwich rather than a lettuce sandwich for tea.)

But there we are if people don't want to eat meat that is their choice and I am perfectly happy to respect their right to make that choice. It is a shame that all vegetarians can't respect the freedom of choice of those who don't share their views.

One of the silliest campaigns I have ever come across is the latest from the militant vegan organisation PETA.

Being militant vegans they believe that fishing is cruel and that eating fish should not be permitted. According to a report on The Rev Allan Bevere's blog PETA believes that people are willing to go fishing for fun and to eat fish because the word fish has negative connotations. If we think of the word "fish" we think of something slimy, smelly and unlovable. So the group is campaigning to have the word fish abolished and replacing it with the term Sea Kittens.

Kittens are lovely, cuddly, fluffy animals. Nobody would want to put a hook through a kitten's head and nobody would want to eat one. So by calling fish sea kittens we will feel more for them and be less likely to want to eat them.

As part of the campaign the group has also been campaigning to
change names that include the word fish. So Fishguard would turn into Seakittenguard!

Writing this post on food has made me feel a bit peckish, I might go down to the local chippy for some kitten, chips and mushy peas. Yum!



  1. Oh, Alwyn,

    How perfect! In fact, I can quite imagine you chomping on a bit of kitten gristle. Good job I don't believe a word of it...

    Oh, I'm a vegetarian. I suppose you'll stop reading everything I've ever written now.

  2. How can you say such a thing Fran?

    As it happens I'm still working my way through your novel.

    With a few brakes for kitten on toast for breakfast, poached kitten for lunch, and kitten Korma for tea, I may be in a position to provide a full critique of your novel before having a bit of kitten pate for supper!

  3. I WAS going to mention a Korma, but I was little bit concerned for your digestion...

  4. What about trout and other freshwater err..kittens? Game kittening sounds like something you could get arrested for.