Obama (Oh! Vaughan) and Glenys

Vaughan Rodderick is supposed to be the man with his finger on the pulse of Welsh politics. It is a shame that it was only yesterday that he realised that Obama o Fôn (pronounced Vaughan same as our intrepid reporter's first name) was from Anglesey / Ynys Môn - This knowledge has been available since way back last July!

Lenin Cymru, who knows all about the Welsh roots of the 44th president, is mistaken though. He thinks that Barrack Obama is related to Ieuan Wyn Jones the AM for Anglesey. This can't be so. Ieuan is not an Anglesey lad he is a carpetbagger from Denbighshire.

As the Western Mail pointed out Obama is descended from Henry and Margaret Parry from Holyhead. The real Welsh Political icon who is also a Parry from Holyhead isn't Ieuan Wyn but Ms G. E. Parry, also known as Lady Glenys Kinnock MEP!

I know that the inauguration is the nearest thing that Americans have to a coronation, but wasn't Ereathra Franklin singing God Save the King (even with the wrong words) a bit OTT?

Good to see lots of Welsh Dragon Flags in the crowd scenes (but very few Saltires- Ha! Ha! Thieving Salmond)

On a more serious note, the most moving part of the day was when somebody said (I don't know who) Rosa Parkes sat - so that Luther King could walk - so that Obama could run - and now our children can soar!

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