Thieving Salmond and Obama o Fôn

I use to like Alex Salmond and the SNP, but I am beginning to have doubts - the honeymoon is over.

Everybody knows that Barack Obama (or Obama o Fôn - as he is known locally), with his mother's family deeply rooted in Anglesey soil, is the 41st President of the US of Welsh Descent (he would be the 44th but we have disinherited Nixon and disinheramatated the Bushs).

But that sly, thieving, kniving Salmond bloke is trying to pinch him off Wales and claim him for Scotland! Can you believe it? Disgraceful!


  1. Barack Obama is an inspirational figure for Scotland and Wales. Alex Salmond is also an inspirational leader. We need more people like them.

  2. FFS.....I hope he continues to be. But he's only been in office for 1 damn day. As I said before MOF, you are behaving like a school girl whose just been on her first date. Wisen up man.