All party support for further powers

An interesting story has appeared on the IC wales website. As I have seen no comments about it from other blogs, I assume that it will appear in today's Western Mail.

The story relates to the details in the latest in the series of studies into attitudes towards devolution carried out by Profs Richard Wyn Jones and Roger Scully of Aberystwyth University.

The first bit of the research will please Glyn Davies
SCORES of Conservative voters have abandoned their hostility to devolution and around 40% want to see a law-making Welsh Parliament.

Which means that Glyn's position on devolution isn't as isolated as many have claimed over the past few months.

With the exception of the Lib Dems who are split 38% to 38% on the parliament / status quo question, Conservative, Plaid and Labour voters all prefer the full law making powers. Strangely 12% of Lib Dems support independence!

This research shows, yet again, that it isn't the will of the people that is stopping a referendum from being called, but the self interest of a handful of Labour MPs.


  1. I don't understand that statistic....12 % Lib dems support independence? Why would you support them if you wanted independence as it's not one of their aims.

  2. Ive posted the actual survey report HERE

  3. until Plaid Cymru start standing up to Labour interests the whole constitional debate will keep going round in circles, the survey in encouraging, but im sure we will have a 'we'll have to wait a see statement from WAG about it' and so we start the ritual all over again.