Anonymous said...

I allow anonymous comments on my blog, many bloggers don't do so.

I understand why people might wish to remain anonymous - If their real names were linked to comments some could face problems in their work, social or family life.

Anonymity allows people to say what they think without repercussions.

The secret blog comment is as important to politics today, as was the secret ballot 150 years ago.

However I did think that this comment posted by a nonny was quite hilarious

Anonymous said...
Who is NM? Is his identity publicly known? Or maybe it's a she? Just wondering

People who post comments under Anonymous said... clearly have no right to try to "out" those who post under regular monikers!


  1. Alan in Dyfed31/05/2008, 09:41

    Normal Mouth,
    come out of the woodwork and reveal who you are.....
    and that goes for all the nonnies.

    Personally I am happy to be alanindyfed in the forefront of Plaid resurgence in Llanelli.

  2. What about VM, Lenin Cymru, Ceredig, Hen Ferchetan, Welsh Lobbyist, mrs Wagstaff, Johnny Foriegner, Arsembly, Evidently Chickentown, Dotcommenator?

    How far do you want the witchunt to go Alan. Bloggers who want to protect their identities should be allowed to.

  3. Alan in Dyfed31/05/2008, 12:00

    What about them?
    It would be nice to know who they are.

  4. Personally I am happy to be alanindyfed in the forefront of Plaid resurgence in Llanelli

    I thought you were in Latvia...

  5. It was I who asked who NM was. It wasn't a case of wanting to out him......I wandered if he/she's identity was known. I was just interested to find out. I could say whatever I wanted on this blog or any other.....believe me I wouldn't lose my job....that's how crap a job it is. If I gave my name.....noone would be any the wiser.

    Miserable old fart,

    Don't try and suck up to NM just because he told you off yesterday.

  6. Oh no it wasn't you that asked who NM is. It was me. I was the one who wandered who he/she/is.

  7. Alan in Dyfed01/06/2008, 04:59

    I'm actually physically in Lithuania now but the blog blogs on.
    I will be back in the holy ground at the end of the week!

    "And still I live in hopes to see
    the Holy Ground once more."
    Irish Trad.

  8. Don't listen to those two impostors above. I'M the one that asked who NM was.

  9. ">>>Identify the slave known as Spartacus<<<".

  10. Alan in Dyfed said it..02/06/2008, 18:19

    All anons are imposters in reverse,
    people pretending to be somebody they are not.

  11. alan in dyfed02/06/2008, 19:49

    I'm the real alan in dyfed and I'm not in Lithuania .... I'm in Moldova, fed up with those cool northern blondes and looking for a bit of southern passion ... tally-ho!

  12. My PC has been down for a few days. I now see that people are claiming to be me. Can I assure you that I AM the one who wandered who NM is and not these wannabe Anons. They need to get a life. Sad gits.

  13. whats an imposter in reverse,confuddled now

  14. Alan in Dyfed for real03/06/2008, 17:12

    Ignore the last comment supposedly from me.
    Some crazy anon wrote it.
    This man is an IMPOSTER.

    Beware of anonymous imposters!

  15. Normal Mouth has a right to his anonymity. If I was a Labour supporter I'd want to be anonymous right now.
    More seriously, he also has a job that makes it difficult for him to comment openly so leave the poor boy alone.

  16. Let's break our silence
    No need for violence...

  17. If you really came from the Rhondda, you would know that the place name doesn't rhyme with "Wanda".

    But then, you spammed your you tube video, so mission accomplished!!!!!!!

  18. evidently chickenshit is none other than David Taylor, otherwise known as Arsembly, Natwatch or Leighton Andrews' right hand shit stirrer.