Interesting Goings on in Ceredigion

Earlier this month independents won 12 seats on Ceredigion council, Plaid gained 19 seats. The Lib Dems gained 10 and Labour managed to elect just one councillor.

Despite having just 10 councillors to Plaid's 19 the Lib Dems lead the council in coalition with the Labour man and most of the independents. The ruling group has 22 members with the opposition being made up of Plaid and one independent has 20 members.

Over the weekend one of the Liberal Democrat councilors, Eric Giffith, has resigned after being arrested for a sexual offence.

Plaid came second in Mr Griffiths' ward of Aberystwyth Central on May 1st. If they can gain this seat in a by-election then both leading group and opposition would have 21 seats each!

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