Plaid Poodles?

The latest offering from Paul Flynn MP mentions that his classic book Dragons Led by Poodles is, and always has been available on line. I didn't know that! Had I known, I wouldn't have bought the hard copy. However it was interesting to revisit the book and remember the good old days!

In one of my earliest posts on this blog I mentioned the anomaly of how Scotland has more powers but Wales appears to have more independence. The main reason for this is, of course, because of that London v Wales battle that Wales won so early on in the era of Devolution.

The Labour government in Scotland took its orders from London for 8 devolved years and became a puppet government, which is only know realising the strength of its position under a different party. London has taken a once bitten twice shy attitude towards Wales after Alun Michael was sacked, and has allowed Wales to follow its own agenda.

If one thinks about the mess in Scotland over Wendy Alexander's sort-of support for a referendum. She said Brown supported it, he said he agreed with what she said but what she said wasn't what others thought they heard, and she agreed with Brown but wasn't backing down on what she said because he said what she said so they both agree!

That couldn't happen in Wales, we all know that if Brown said NO, Rhodri would say “**** you“, and do as he pleased.

Its was called Clear Red Water and it worked.

But hold on – London Labour says no referendum in Wales before 2012. Why hasn't Rhodri given the Welsh Agincourt salute to London's NO, on this issue?

Could it be that the poodles have won the long game?

Or could it be that the so called dragons in Labour have no intention of holding a referendum before 2012?

Why is Plaid still supporting Labour in the Assembly, on the basis of an agreement that said that the referendum would be held before 2010, if both poodles and dragons are opposed?

Could it be that Plaid likes the trappings of government, and has sold the nation for petty power?

Surely not!

What does Plaid want?
A referendum on extra powers within the next 16 months? Or an excuse to remain Labour's partner until 2015?

What does Labour want?
An excuse to hold Plaid over a barrel for three years? Or what's best for Wales?

We deserve to know the truth from both parties!


  1. you could argue that Scotland was always more of a concern to Tony Blair and Gordon Brown than Wales, so we were left alone.

    On your point about the Politicians, the questions is have they ever (whatever party they are in) had the public best wishes at heart, i think not.

  2. It's too early for Plaid to take the nuclear option, but it must remain an option as your cynicism about Labour is well placed.