Bizarre voters

Glyn Davies' latest post mentions bizarre reasons for supporting candidates in elections.

The oddest reason to vote experience, that I had was campaigning for the Liberal Party in the first 1974 election.

I was given the task of canvasing the Carmelite Convent in Dolgellau. The nuns told me that they had decided that they had a duty to vote, but that politics was a consideration beyond their vows. They also thought that all of them should vote in the same way so that the election didn't cause division within the community.

The decision that the sisters made was that they would all vote for the best looking candidate. Which left me in the embarrassing position of being a pubescent 15 year old trying to explain, to a bunch of professional virgins, why my candidate was a sexier looking bloke than the other three men in the race!


  1. Nuns are such a tease

  2. Alwyn! Now you know the reason why nuns go round in pairs. Its so that the one nun makes sure the other nun, gets "nun"!