Apologies for Absence

I note from the comments to my last post that at least one person has been wondering about my lack of postings for the past week.

It has been a very bad week as far as family matters are concerned. At the beginning of the week I attended the funeral of my great aunt Mari who was the last of my grandmother's generation. At 90 years old her death was not unexpected but it was, nevertheless, a matter of great sadness for members of the family. On Thursday my nephew, Gwyn, was killed in an horrific car crash.

So I apologise to loyal readers for my lack of posts, but some things are more important than politics.


  1. Take as much time off blogging as you need. Thoughts and prayers with you and yours.

  2. I am really sorry to hear your sad news, the second bit of news must have been a terrible shock for everyone. My thoughts are with you xx

  3. Alwyn,

    Ddrwg genai glywed am y ddau brofedigaeth yn dy deulu.

    Cofion cynnes atat ar adeg mor drist i chi i gyd fel teulu.


  4. Alwyn I send my best wishes and thought to you, death of a loved one is so sad, but one whose life has just begun, thats so hard to deal with

  5. Alwyn! I apologize for my absence from your blog. I am sorry for your loss. May they rest in peace, and rise in Glory!


  6. How very sad especially about your nephew.

  7. My deepest commiserations - no need to aplogise.


  8. Alwyn

    Thoughts are with you and your family

    Mark Dvid Jones