Tory Child Killers?

According to a report in today's Sunday Times a Conservative Member of the Scottish Parliament wants headmasters to have the right to use the death penalty as a means of punishing naughty schoolchildren

Tory MSP Alex Johnstone told the paper:

School discipline is reaching crisis point and giving individual headteachers the power to decide whether or not to use capital punishment would be a good move.

This issue is certainly worthy of debate in the Scottish parliament because it is one that needs to be dealt with.

Perhaps Mr Johnstone should be given the cane for not learning the difference between capital and corporal punishment.


  1. What a killer blogpost! ;)

  2. That's the hammer. They won't be able to cause trouble again.

    Next, I want public hanging for incorrect use of an apostrophe.

  3. I have some sympathy here. I made the same mistake aged 11 in an exam and wrote about capital punishment being used in schools as part of an English exam.

    I failed.