Fagging Own Goal

I have smoked since I was nine years old, when I was persuaded that smoking was a sign of being a proper grown up man. By the time that I realised that smoking was really a sign of being a proper mug, I was hooked and, as yet, I have failed to beat the addiction.

As the old joke goes giving up smoking is easy - I did it seven times last week. Knowing how addictive smoking is and how difficult it is to stop, having started, I am generally supportive of any measures that encourage today's youngsters not to start the silly habit.

I have never been convinced of the value of warning notices on cigarette packages. I have smoked thousands of packs with the message smoking kills on them without batting an eyelid. If you were to ask which notice is on the pack in my pocket I would have to look at it to answer. So not very effective.

I have noticed that some packs have started to show pictures on them rather than just words. I'm sure that pictures might be a little more effective than just words.

There is one pictures, however, that I feel defeats the object. This one:

My two teenage boys have always hated the idea of smoking, but they loved this joke and begged me not to bin the pack, so that they could take it to school and show it to their mates. This puerile joke is one that appeals to young men and makes the fag packet more attractive!

The medical facts of erectile dysfunction amongst smoking men is based on studies of 50 year old smokers. Apparently 60% of long smoking 50 year olds suffer from the problem in comparison to 12% of those who have never smoked. So a message aimed at young men is based on research on men who most youngsters would consider past it anyway.

The fact is that most smokers in the age group that this picture message is aimed at could provide simple proof positive that the message is not true. And if that message can be proved to be untrue then it weakens all other messages.

An own goal by the health bods! This image and message should be withdrawn from the campaign!


  1. I quit smoking after 20 years only last January with a little help from a drug called Varenicline (champix) which I can't recommend highly enough if you want to quit. But the really defining force behind my success has been the love of a woman.

  2. Don't know about this situation.

  3. Hypnotherapy did it for me, almost ten years ago, there was this recurring theme, how much you spend.

    2 packets of B&H per day
    365 days of the year

    £30,000 saved, it still works.

    And I feel much better.

  4. 20 Durex cost £13.89
    20 B&H cost just £5.21
    If cigs stop you from having a stiffy, they are the cheapest contraceptive choice :-) LOL

  5. It sounds like a fair assessment of the situation.

    It is possible to give up if you really try, my Dad did although it was a struggle.

  6. Anonymous - there is a difference between 20 Benson's a day and 20 Durex a day! I doubt if even Casanova could manage 20 Durex a day! I certainly don't have that staying power!

    The rest of the commentators seem to be laying down the gauntlet. I'll try, and let you know how I get on!!!!

  7. Clarification:

    I'll try my best to stop smoking - I have no intention of trying to get through 20 condoms a day.

    At my age 20 a year could prove fatal!