Plaid voters are thick, but SNP voters are thicker!

According to a report in the Daily Telegraph, voting patterns reflect the IQ's of those voting. The cleverest people vote Green, absolut thickos don't vote at all. Those of us who vote Plaid aren't the top of the class, but we have a little bit more upstairs than our friends in the SNP.

Average IQ scores at the age of 10 for people voting in the 2001 general election for various parties were:
Green 108.3
Liberal Democrat 108.2
Conservative 103.7
Labour 103
Plaid Cymru 102.5
Scottish National 102.2
UK Independence 101.1
British National 98.4
Did not vote / None 99.7

The IQ's of those who write such tosh and expect it to be belived have not been verified!


  1. kairdiff (West) Kid04/11/2008, 10:03

    No surprise re BNP, whose IQ is if anything overestimated, but I'm puzzled as to how the ones with highest IQs, Green and Lib Dem, are also the ones who vote for parties that don;t get in and have to chance of even becoming the opposition on a good day. Is there some correlation?

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    Diolch yn fawr!


  3. With a point spread of 10 IQ points, it hardly shows that Green voters are geniuses when compared with BNP voters...

  4. Surely this survey could be affected by a number of factors; such as the IQ of voters for each group who have jobs and don't waste time filling in daft polls.

    Therefore we could say that this is a poll of the most 'work-shy' of voter types.

    Greens apparently being the best scroungers and those with no interest in politics being generally thick.

  5. This was clearly cooked up by unionists, for unionists, just in time for the by-election. Putting all nationalists together on the bottom rung with the BNP.
    I expect they picked graduate Labour and Tory supporters, then trawled dirt poor estates looking for SNP/Plaid supporters to interview. They then added the Greens to try and make it look less of a fix. I'm not fooled.

    Nothing to see here, move along.

  6. Personally I think the vote should be taken away from anyone with an IQ lower than 120 (or "normal" as we like to say)


  7. Why do you think it's tosh? You've no empirical evidence for that, whereas, if they're academics, they must have some empirical evidence of their own.

  8. Why do you think it's tosh?

    First of all because of the timing. It relates to research carried out during the 2001 election. The research is fairly simple correlating IQ's with voting patterns. Why has it taken 7 years to publish it?

    Secondly genuine research reports usually have a named researcher in them, this report doesn't.

    Thirdly the mean average IQ of all respondents appears to be lower than the mean average for the UK as a whole

    Fourthly, the methodology is flawed. If you want to work out the average IQ of Green voters and compare it to the average IQ of Conservative voters you take an equally sized representative sample from both parties. The comparison between Labour, Conservative, Liberal and non voters might be fair. But the numbers of Green, Plaid, SNP, BNP, and UKIP voters in the sample will be minuscule.

    In 2001 Plaid had the votes of about 0.4% of eligible voters, the Greens had about 0.35, the SNP about 0.9%. So in a sample of 6000, we are looking at between 6 and 25 people who voted for each of the smaller parties. A sample so small that one genius or one dunce in a party could skew the whole result!

    Fifthly I can't find the story in in the Elsiver journal "Intelligence"!

  9. That's a fascist post Ordo!

  10. "That's a fascist post Ordo!"

    But nationalists frequently are fascists, Saunders Lewis being a prime example.