Bloging the Presidential Race

Welsh language magazine Golwg has been blogging the presidential race since lunch time. Ifan Morgan Jones, the deputy editor of the organ intends to stay up until the early hours posting as events unfold. He also wishes to link to other Welsh bloggers who are going to join in the fun, so even if you can't read Welsh pop over to the Golwg blog and let Ifan know that you will be up until the crack of dawn to keep him company.

Ordovicius, The Right Student and Chris Cope also intend to blog the night away. As for me - I might stay up, but I might go to bed - it depends how things develop and how the nectar flows.

For Scottish and McCain supporting commentary see Malc's blog


  1. My vigil is tomorrow night.

  2. Thanks for the shout out. I wasn't overly disappointed by the result - more so for last night, though I did predict a Labour hold.