The Big Debate - Pigs in Lipstick!

One hour and 40 minutes was much too long.

I am into politics, but even I switched off after just over an hour (I did suffer the rest on Freeview+ after a couple of pints). If the broadcasters and politicians want to do it again in 2015, I would suggest between 45 minutes and an hour max.

It was a debate on domestic ie English issues, so wasn't of much interest to me.

In fairness the presenter did note before most questions this is an issue that is devolved in Scotland, NI, Wales, but it was disappointing that none of the leaders picked up on that with a comment along the lines of and our colleagues in the devolved bodies will also be campaigning for ....." - after all the Welsh, Scottish and Northern Irish leaders were excluded because it was a British debate – not much of an Union if the other supposed Partners in Union are just airbrushed out of the equation is it?

On two occasions David Cameron didn't spot the questioner and asked him to reveal himself, in order that Dave could address his answer to the questioners personally, bad move.

Firstly it suggested that he wasn't paying attention. It isn't what it looks like in the studio that is important – but what it looks like on the telly in my living room. I saw the blokes asking (there were cameras on them) the fact that Dave didn't see them made him look as if he wasn't paying attention.

Worse still David Cameron was addressing his answers to the questioners rather than to me in my house.

Because I am hard of hearing I lip-read as much as I heard of the debate. That "thing" Mr Brown does with his mouth (not as bad as it use to be) makes him difficult to lip-read, sometimes it lip-reads as unvoiced expletives!

More importantly Nick Clegg voiced his answer to the camera, not to a member of the studio audience; I saw what Nick was saying to me, rather than seeing what Dave was saying to an audience member over an image of his right earlobe.

The other lip-reading issue (and it is not only us hard of hearing, who partially lip read – most adults do) is that both Brown and Cameron appeared to be wearing lipstick; and that distracted from their message.

Every time they spoke I thought of Obama's comment about pigs and lipstick, and those thoughts clouded their message.

The Score:
Clegg 6 out of 10 (could have been 7 if it wasn't for the suit and tie.

Brown 4.5 out of ten.

Cameron 4.4 out of ten – almost a draw, but Dave needs to do better than a draw in order to win.

Alex Salmond Ten out of Ten:


  1. Actually although there were two occasions where the panellist asked a question to identify him/herself it wasn't the same one - it was Cameron the second time, the first time it was Clegg.

    Although I am also hard of hearing, I must admit I didn't find it too difficult to follow. The main thing about lipstick was that it made both Brown and Cameron look very white - and in particular, made me worry about how ill Brown looks. It also made Clegg look much better by comparison.

  2. hes a fcken nationist, whats he doing on wales