Poor Guto is a bit upset

The pressure of the election seems to be getting at poor Guto Bebb.

On Pawb a'i Farn (an S4C programme similar to Question Time) last week Guto made a fool of himself. In response to a question on the MPs expenses scandal, you know the expenses scandal which involved members of his own party claiming for cleaning their moats and building a duck house, he tried to make out that fellow panellist Elfyn Llwyd was part of the scandal for claiming the parliamentary subsistence allowance. Elfyn chose to ignore him, so Guto said the same thing again, Elfyn dismissed the comments for the rubbish that they were by retorting if you say so Guto.

Unaware of how foolish his performance made him look, Guto smugly claimed on his blog that he had thrown a nuclear bomb at Elfyn. I responded to his post by leaving a comment that his so called bomb had blown up in his own face. Guto decided not to publish the comment. This is not the first time that Guto has refused to publish critical comments on his blog or to engage in any form of debate with those who disagree with him.

Guto's reluctance to engage in any debate is a shame, he use to be a regular contributor to the Welsh discussion board Maes e, where his comments were often insightful and interesting even when one disagreed with him. It also negates the whole point of blogging if one doesn't allow others to comment, and only allowing positive comments is a form of lying because it gives the false impression that all agree with one's words of wisdom.

Because of this I accused Guto of cowardice on my Hen Rech Flin blog, Guto's petulant response to my accusation can be seen here. The response is full of lies and inaccuracies.

Despite knowing that I am not a member of Plaid Cymru or any other party, and that the views I express aren't any organisation's views just my own, Guto insists on referring to me as a Plaid blogger. Guto claims that I called him a shitty coward, which I did not, if he checked with Cysgair he would find that the Welsh Word Cachgi translates as coward, dastard, rotter. Guto also claims that my comments were nasty – they were not – telling somebody that they are mistaken is actually an act of friendship not of nastiness, it enables them to avoid making the same mistake again. Of course this isn't the first time that Guto has accused me of nastiness when I have tried to be helpful to him; I was also accused of nastiness when I informed him that his leaflets weren't getting through to my part of Glan Conwy a few months ago, something that I would have expected any candidate to want to know.

If Guto cannot abide any disagreement with his point of view or any critical comment, if he fears discussion and debate has he got what it takes to be an MP? If he gets so hot under the collar because of a bit of criticism perhaps he should give up campaigning for the sake of his health.


  1. Hmm. This would be why I am voting Plaid in Llanelli.

    Well, no. The real reasons are that 1) The Tories simply don't exist in this town (and even I, a rabid Tory deep down, wouldn't vote for them even if they did if this clown is the best they can offer); 2) Nia Griffith has been a sad non-entity and, consequently, pretty much a total disaster since she inherited the seat; 3) Plaid's deputy leader, Elfyn Llwyd is, unlike his bonkers North Walian boss, quite simply one of the most impressive, intelligent politicians in Britain, let alone Wales.

    Confused? Try being me :)

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  3. I wouldn't put Guto in the same category as Christopher Salmon the Tory candidate in Llanelli, denverthen. If Aberconwy decides to vote for a Conservative MP, I don't think that we could hope for a better Conservative MP than Guto.

    Despite Guto's claims that I am nasty about him and that I think that he is a shit, I actually have a great deal of respect for him, and there are circumstances where I might have given him my vote rather than a Plaid candidate. If, for instance, Plaid had selected a member of its militant tendency here.

    Neither of them will forgive me for saying so, but if you look at the man rather than the party, you couldn't put a fag paper between Guto and Phil (the Plaid candidate). Both have the same type of cultural background, both have the same community values, both have the same political passions.

    My reason for choosing Phil Edwards over Guto Bebb is one of practicality. Which one is most likely to stand up for Aberconwy and its needs in the difficult times ahead, and which one is most likely to vote as the party whip says, even if what the party whip says is bad for this area?

    Sorry Guto, but the Answer is Phil.

  4. Thanks for the YouTube link Abe, I have watched the clip with mixed thoughts.

    I like the message of just vote even if you do think that all candidates are out for what they can get. I think that the subliminal message that all candidates just wish to pig at the tough is untrue.

    There are two candidates in this constituency that I know nothing about, The WCP candidate and the UKIP candidate. I trust that both are standing because they care for this constituency.

    I know that Phill Edwards, Guto Bebb, Mike Preiestly and Ronnie Hughes are standing because they have a passion to be the representative of the people of this part of the world – the idea that any of them want to be MP in order to get their spouts into the trough is untrue and reprehensible.

  5. Why do you think that Guto & Phil were brought up in the same way?
    They are both Welsh born of Welsh parents but I think it stops there.
    Totally different.

  6. Guto is Plaid through to the marrow of his bones, he is just pissed of that plaid hasn't chosen him as a candidate for a safe seat, so he has turned conservative in spite and in hope of a job

  7. So it's OK for Elfyn Llwyd to claim £400 a month for food? That's almost the equivalent of my State pension! This kind of greedy excess is just what we want to get rid of in this election.