Is the Pope launching a helpline a joke?

Thorough the day I have heard a number of reports about the gaff by Home Office staff regarding the Pope's visit to the UK. Almost every news service lists the jocular and insulting ideas that were suggested in the document:

Benedictine Condoms Ha! Ha!
Blessing a gay marriage Ho! Ho!
Opening an abortion clinic Ha bloody Ho!

I can see the piss take in these suggestions, I can see why Catholics are upset and I can see why some see the Vatican and the UK Government's reactions to them as rather sour faced.

But there is one thing in the list that I honestly believe is not a joke or a leg pull:

That the Pope should open a helpline for children abused by Catholic Priests and others in Church authority.

I would suggest that the person who threw this idea into the brainstorming event was serious, possibly even an adherent of Roman Catholicism.

As a non Catholic Christian preacher who has had to deal with totally unjustified tarred with the same brush bollocks over the last few months, I think that The Pope opening a helpline, or encouraging abused parishioners of all denominations to contact ChildLine 0800 1111 would be a very good idea!


  1. yes they should open a helpline abused by priests or use all of the legacies they get to fund centres for children abused...this wont happen, in Gloucestershire in an ot of the way spot their is a centre for rehabilitating priests, gorgeous location near stroud ...the devil is at work

  2. Atheist Ape.27/04/2010, 11:27

    If the fire brigade or the police force employed so many alleged and convicted child molesters there would be uproar.
    Or imagine if a major supermarket was found to be moving staff around from store to store, so as to hide their wrongdoings.
    The pope and all his pompous predecessors have had ample time to put their house in order, but as for having him or his minions anywhere near any children, ever again, no way Jose. A small cell perhaps, and a psychiatrist?