Obligatory Post Debate Post.

If the broadcasters decide to do leaders debates at the next Westminster election, I would strongly suggest that they restrict it to one next time.

Tonight's debate was tedious. Nothing new was said, the same old arguments as were used last week and a fortnight ago were reheated. Nick Clegg and Gordon Brown looked knackered and came across as positively peeved at having to go through the same old crap again. I almost expected Brown to do a Bush senior moment and look at his watch to see how much longer he had to suffer the ordeal.

Although repeats of old classics on channels like ITV3 may be fun to revisit, most of us get annoyed at seeing a repeat at prime time within a week of the first broadcast, tonight's programme was worst than a repeat – it was a poor remake of an original non classic that dived.

Being the least tired looking and the only one who tried to put a bit of new oomph into the programme, I call this one for David Cameron, but the scores on the doors are not very complimentary to any:

MOF's Strictly Come Politicking scores for this week are a very miserable
Cameron 4 / 10
Clegg 3 / 10
Brown 1/10


  1. The BBC Cymru Newsnight programme was quite interesting. Betsan Powys pressed Ieuan Wyn Jones on whether he'd support David Cameron - he did his best to avoid answering her question.

  2. Unfortunately I missed the Newsnight Wales, broadcast because of the silly programme clash that always happens on Thursdays nights.

    There were political programmes on BBC1, BBC2, ITV and S4C all at the same time. If you hate politics it is a pain in the butt because there is politics on all four prime channels, but you do have the choice of watching something else like a repeat of Sherlock Holms on ITV3. If you are a political anorak, like me, it is an even worse pain because you can only watch one of the four shows and you never know which one is going to best until you are told how good the one that you missed was :-(