Shut up Girl! Lembit on Feminism?

The second BBC Wales 2010 Election debates came from from Newtown, Montgomeryshire.

Heledd Fychan the Plaid Cymru candiadate, did well, very well. In a constituency that Plaid is unlikely to win Heledd put her name down as a contender to keep at it and build the Maldwyn vote into a victory for Plaid and/ or to make her a contender for a safer seat in the Assembly.

With the surge in the Liberal Democrats vote, following the leaders debate, the Lib Dems should keep this seat.

I can understand why the Lib Dems have had a surge, and good luck to them. If the Lib Dems have the most votes but the fewest MPs it will aid the democratisation of politics in the UK - it may be a step in the direction of fair votes for all including MK, SNP, Plaid.

My worry is that I don't think that a person who dismisses a female candidate with shut up girl, or who looks at politics through the lens of the Daily Sport, deserves to be an MP for any party, not least a Liberal and Democratic party.

I wish the Lib Dems the best of luck in England, I hope that they do well in those Scottish and Welsh seats that Plaid / SNP haven't got a sniff at, (I hope that MK beats the pants off them in Cornwall).

I would be pleased to see Nick Clegg PM, with that one caveat that the most illiberal and undemocratic embarrassment to the, non partisan, idea of Liberalism and Democracy loses his seat – Ta! Ta! Lembo!

Since 1879 Maldwyn has voted for Traditional Welsh Radical Liberalism, keep that tradition by voting Heledd Fychan the true keeper of that tradition.


  1. He really was awful last night and clearly rattled by Heledd. What puzzles me is the thought that the voters of Montgomeryshire could even contemplate allowing him back in. He failed answwer the cruise question properly, laughed like a hyena when Betsan mentioned the porno rag that he writes for and snapped at Heledd several times. He really is quite unbearable and makes no apologies for his absurd behaviour. One would have thought that dating an anorexic half dressed popster would have been enought to get him deselected. But no, not with the Libs. Anything goes, it seems and so Opk goes on and on, with no one pulling him up on anything

  2. I always thought liberalism carried with it a respect for women, in which case Opik (for so long as he remains a public representative of the Lib Dems) should not be allowed to write sexist material. Their principles stand up well until they have to apply them to their own.

    1. Well, the respect's not very old. It was a Liberal government that forcefed suffragettes in prison and then brought in the Cat and Mouse Act. George Bernard Shaw said that the Liberal prime minister HH Asquith did not think women were the female of the human species but a different and inferior species. It makes you wonder what the Tories can possibly have been like at this time. Maybe, Lembit's reverting to type.

      Marianne Hancock, Abergaveny