SNP & Plaid to take BBC to Court?

Elfyn Llwyd has just announced on the S4C Programme Pawb a'i Farn that Plaid and the SNP are going to take the BBC to court over its decision to exclude the parties from the TV debates following the Trust's decision to reject their complaint about their exclusion.

I haven't seen any official anouncement about this, but I doubt if Elfyn would have said that legal action is to be taken, unless an official decision to go to court had been made by the parties.


  1. What do they hope to gain? It's a PRIME MINISTER OF THE UK debate. Salmond and Llwyd aren't fielding candidates outside of Scotland & Wales repectively, so they both have no chance or hope of becoming PM. I also don't see much point in Nick Clegg being there either.

  2. Don't shoot the messenger Damon, I am just reporting what I heard on a TV programme.
    Personally I don't like the idea of the debates at all, because I won't have the opportunity to vote for a prime minister, I can vote for a local member, who may or may not be part of the Electoral College that chooses the next Prime Minister.

    If we want a Presidential type debate – let's elect a president.

  3. Unrhyw ddatblygiad am hyn? Fe ddwedodd Salmond yn weddol syth na fydde'n nhw'n mynd i'r Llys am y byddai'n rhy gostus (£70mil medde fe). Ond wedyn, Elfyn Llwyd yn dweud hyn.


  4. Damon Lord.

    Lab, Lib, Con don't field candidates all over the UK either. So that's that. As long as the three Union core is there.

    No one votes a PM - so the concept is dumb.

    They know this though. They need to safeguard the three "main" votes and decrease not just Plaid, SNP, but all (Green, BNP, etc).

    The Clegg love is increasing Lib vote, whilst halting Plaid and SNP due to not being part of this. Also additional Brown love in Scotland, all to protect Union.

    Who cares for a secondary TV show? People want only the prime one. And the Unionists get to appear on it again! Double the expose.

    Only in UK - to protect Union.

  5. to Damon -
    Cleggie, Gordon and Humpty are not fielding candidates in one whole country of the union either - Northern ireland is Lib, Lab and Con free. so is the constituency of Buckingham.
    to Alwyn -
    I agree - these debates are a poor fit for our electoral system.
    to Iwan
    We need an outside body to monitor the preparation for the election and the election itself for infringements of electoral fairness as they have done in Iraq and Afghanistan- we need to call in the UN or the European Union to look at the BBC's violation of electoral fair play. They have these things already set up - the Venice Commission and the European Network of Election Monitoring Organizations.

  6. Good to see Plaid Cymru and the SNP cooperating closely together!

  7. Why do Plaid Cymru field candidates at all when they don't believe in the Parliament ?

    Strange but true !

  8. Conwy / Aberconwy needs Guto Bebb as our M.P

    Lady Bird.

  9. plaid have pulled out -dim arian -

  10. I understand that Plaid have pulled out because the SNP has decided to use Scots law to challenge the broadcasting of the programme in Scotland, rather than English law to challenge their absence from the programme, which is the only option for Plaid