Is it all a bit of fun?

Despite the fact that I only received two nominations in the Welsh Blog Awards, it appears that I am the second best Welsh Political Blog and the best Welsh Nationalist Blog in the WITENAGEMONT awards!

I am rather annoyed that I wasn't even nominated in the "Most shaggable blogger" award, the fact that I didn't top the poll on this one shows how uninformed those who vote in blog awards are!

Everybody else who has won an award has been modest and accepted that such an award is just a bit of fun. But it's not. Despite not having made a post today I have had a huge amount of extra hits, all coming from the Witengemont awards URL.

As the purpose of any blog is to be read, gaining extra readership through winning blog awards, can't be dismissed as just a bit of fun.

Where awards are available for blogs, there is always the danger that authors compromise their position in order to post for the award, rather than to campaign for their genuinely held political opinion.

As awards = hits, I can get more awards by compromising my views in order to get more support in the awards next year, thus increasing my hits even further!

So thanks for the award, Witengemont, but - no thanks - I don't do compromise and I don't blog for awards!


  1. You've changed.

    Before you won this prestigious award you were much more gracious in victory.

    To correct a point of error though - there were no nominations, as such, for these awards. It was a free vote - you just entered the url or name of your favourite Welsh nationalist (for example).

    You could have won best English nationalist blog but nobody voted for you in that category (this explains why Iain Dale won best right-wing and best centre-ground blog)

    Anyway, listen to me rabbit on. Congratulations, and if you have time please do this other Witanagemot survey.

  2. Alwyn - perhaps you won BECAUSE you are a grumpy old so-and-so and not despite the fact, so I suspect that if you did begin to compromise, you wouldn't win next time round anyway :)

    BTW, llongyfarchiadau yr Hen Rech Flin!

  3. Well done MOf xxxxxxxxxx

  4. Toque said:
    You've changed.

    Before you won this prestigious award you were much more gracious in victory.

    Actually this is a comment that I have made repeatedly in the past in respect of press awards, Parliamentary awards and the Wales Yearbook awards.

    I apologise if my comments appear ungracious or insulting to you personally Toque, that wasn't the intention.

    By the way I didn't want to be voted the best English Nationalist Blogger - I wanted to be the most shaggable blogger, the fact that nobody voted for me in that category either just shows how uninformed the blogosphere is! (Congratulations to you on gaining third prize though)

  5. Don't worry, I don't take it as insulting - the awards were just a bit of fun. As much a way of deciding which blogs to syndicate as anything else.