Tax is "Labour Money"

Mrs Thatcher use to be fond of reminding us that there is no such thing as Government Money, every Government Penny is actually a Tax Payer's Penny.

Not according to Dai Havard MP. The Money spent on public services isn't tax payers' money, it isn't even Government money it is Labour Money

So when you pay VAT on your Mars Bar tomorrow, put petrol tax in your car, cringe at the amount of tax deductions that are on your payslip etc, you will be pleased to know that you aren’t paying your fair share towards the public good, you are actually making a donation to the Labour Party!

How arrogant can the Labour Party get before the people of Wales (including Adam Price) see through it? !!!!!!


  1. Labour spin is very powerful stuff MOF, we are so used to the left being in the ascendancy in Wales that as you said people can't imagine anything else, but until they do Wales will never move forward.

    As for Adam Price he seems to have gone native since he's been MP, he's not doing Plaid any favours.

  2. Its time Di Havard was stood down by the people of Merthyr He is a complete waste of space.
    May be thats why he doesnt mind spending Labour Money on all his trips and jollys

  3. I think there is a distinction between educated Labour people like Rhodri Morgan and the pig-ignorant totally corrupt labour types who hate the nats. I always remember asking a valley Labourite to justify the corruption of the local Labour council, his reply was that the Tories were corrupt and "it's our turn now".

    If this coalition can achieve anything it might be to drive a wedge between honest Labour people and the Kinnockite shower.