Political sex scandal - Read all about it!

I am going to ask my local newsagent to keep me a copy of the News of the World for the next few weeks. I am convinced that a major sex and politics scandal is about to brake, involving one of the most respected members of the Welsh Blogosphere.

To avoid being sued for libel I won't name names. But a certain prominent political personage suggested on his blog last Tuesday that a man who didn't have a completely clear recollection of whether there were semi-naked women in the club wasn't fit for erection election! In the same post he also suggested that a sex scandal could be a 2% vote booster.

This nameless politician is not in the first flower of youth, but despite his advanced age he posts positively about sex and the older person on his latest blog!

Now adding 2 and 2 together, reading between the lines, etc! There is a suggestion that this nameless politician is building up a defence before the inevitable story comes out!

Could he have stolen the Cheeky Girls off Lembit?


Come clean Glyn unknown politician. The Welsh Blogosphere needs to know the truth!!!!!!


  1. On the older person, may I refer you to my "Lib Dems appeal to older demographic" barchart.