The Unreasonable Union

The argument for independence is so simple and so straightforward that I often wonder why so many Welsh people can't accept it.

Everybody, even the most ardent unionists, accept that Wales is a nation. The natural status of nations is independence; therefore Wales should be independent - what is there to argue about?

The Scottish Nationalist Mike Mackenzie answers this question on Ian Hamilton QC's blog

This business of maintaining the Union may therefore not be an area in which we are really capable of thinking rationally. Rather our attitudes may stem more from custom and belief than from reason. Those seeking to justify the continuance of the Union are therefore at a loss to find reasoned arguments.

An interesting essay, worth reading and worth discussing!


  1. The case for Independence, as you say, is simple and can be won on argument and logic. There is no basis for the Union, except that an English law evoked the annexation of Wales by England in the reign of King Henry XIII (see my blog). It amounts to land-grabbing, pure and simple.
    Irish poem :
    "Whose is this estate?"
    "It's mine."
    "How did you get it?"
    "It was my father's."
    "How did he get it?"
    "He fought for it."
    "Very well then. I'll fight you for it!"

  2. If and when they get Britain, and England in particular, totally into the eu,that will be the end of the uk and welsh independence will follow.This is why brown is against any eu rerefendum, but he will fail.

  3. the only reason the Union still exisits is because England (London bubble in particular) doesn't want to be smaller in population and influence terms than France or Germany.

    After all Tony Blair's reasoning on the nuclear question was he wanted to keep them so that the French wouldn't be the only European Country with Nuclear weapons and said so in a radio interview.

  4. Politicians often talk through their metaphorical hats. When they wore real hats they talked much more sense.

  5. Herein lieth thy mistake. The natural status of nations is not independence. There is no "natural status" for a nation, whether viewed historically or philosphically. Do move out of the ninetheenth century.

  6. Thou makest mistakes in thinking thus. Nations cryeth out for freedom from oppression of diverse kinds.
    Independence is the watchword of the 21st century for those nations that yet await thir natural destiny. Wales is one of them.