Political Editing

On Monday last week the Daily Telegraph reported about abuse of the online encyclopedia Wikipedia by organisations editing entries in order to promote themselves and rubbish their opponents. The Plaid Cymru entry is often changed to include a claim that it supported Hitler during the second world war and that it is a fascist party.

The Telegraph reported that one of the organisations that have abused the site in this way is the Labour Party. In today's edition the Labour supporting newspaper Scotland on Sunday has lifted the story, but has edited out every reference to the Labour party :-)


  1. Maybe if Plaid Cymru asked their friends/supporters with money to invest in and produce an alternative daily/weekly newspaper for the whole of Wales then maybe Plaid Cymru would actually get their messages across and wouldn't have to rely so heavily on the internet.

    They would also be doing themselves a favour by being seem to do something positive, rather than constantly sniping from the sidelines.

  2. There is to be a new Welsh Language newspaper coming out in the Spring, named "Y Byd". However we need a good English language paper as an alternative to the Western Mail.