Scotland to Join the UN?

In today's edition of the Sunday Herald, there is an interesting guest article by John Mayer. I'm unsure if this is John Mayer the musician or somebody who just happens to share the same name, the article is worth reading, however, whatever the author's background.

Mayer argues that Scotland could become a member of the United Nations. A silly argument on first consideration - only sovereign states are members of the UN and Scotland hasn't attained that status yet. However Mayer gives examples of countries that have been members of the organisation despite not being independent sovereign states. Apparently India, Belarus, The Philippines and Ukraine were all members of the UN before becoming independent, and the Palestinians have observer status membership despite the fact that there appears to be little short term prospect of an independent Palestinian state being created.

One SNP MSP has already given his support to the call, Michael Matheson has urged Alex Salmond to give the matter serious consideration and important but anonymous "sources" within the SNP have suggested that the idea is in line with First Minister Salmond's desire to see Scotland represented on international bodies.

If Scotland applied for UN membership and was refused because of UK government opposition it would be a big publicity coup for the SNP, if it applied and was successful it would be a major step on the road to recognising Scotland as an independent country. A win-win situation for the SNP.

Of course if Scotland was to gain membership of the UN, then there could be no reason for Wales not to do likewise.


  1. There's a bit of a problem with this idea. This is the idea that the Scots really can govern themselves. I want it to be true. I need it to be true. Unfortunately, the only thing thats true is that the Scots Pairlament is essentially a box of bandits, promoted local councillors who are parochial, inefficient, egotistical and corrupt.

    Take the building they work in. The money they spent on it would have provided a free house and free tertiary education for everyone that wanted it. Instead, we got a concrete monstrosity that's already falling apart. The only way that form follows function in its design is that there's lots of wee nooks and crannies for them to plot and scheme and backstab in.

    If they had a seat at the UN, how could anyone take that parcel o' rogues seriously?

  2. It was Gwynfor's dream that Wales would take up its vacant seat at the UN next to Yemen. He talked about it a lot. There is no reason why Scotland shouldn't give it a try, and if they succeed why not Wales?
    Interesting that the countries you mention gained a seat before becoming fully independent.

  3. "There is no reason why Scotland shouldn't give it a try, and if they succeed why not Wales?"

    You make it sould Alan that Wales should only follow in Scotland's wake! Let's plough our own furrow.....and reach for the stars.!!!!

  4. Well I don't know about Gwynfor but when we finally do achieve sovereignity I'd want us to sit between Costa Rica and Cyprus, and nowhere near Yemen.