The kind of country WE shoud be!

This is the front page of today's Scotsman, responding to the SNP Government's consultation document on independence. How long will we have to wait to see similar headlines on the front pages of a Welsh paper?

Whilst Scotland has a national conversation about its future place in the world, initiated by a Government that puts Scotland first. Wales has to put up with a conversation about remaining in the clutches of a not fit for purpose Labour Party, initiated by an unionist failure from a party that never puts Wales first. (Interesting URL by the way it starts file up yours - appropriate or what?)


  1. Amen Brother

    Wales - World Nation that's we could and should be.

    Cymru Am Byth!!

  2. The problem is not just about having a conversation about Wales' status it's also about where! Just look at that front page and compare it an average day in the life of the Western Mail.
    First the name - The Scotsman (forget gender issues for a second) identifies with a person in a place and recognisably gives both value: The Western Mail refers to a bit of Britain tacked onto the west hand side - it could as easily be in Cornwall or Devon.
    Then the coverage - the top masthead is about one of the largest cultural festivals in the world: where was the Esisteddfod last week - treated like some language centric oddity..
    Finally, the quote: ok so copied and cribbed (JFK I think) but name me a Welsh politician who could have written that, let alone said it with passion and conviction - where's the hwyl?
    So, as well as politicians, we need media, and something more serious that the tiny circulation, public sector job-ads dependent travesty of the WM.

    peterdcox.me.uk (please sign the four nations flags petition)

  3. God knows why there isn't a Welsh language daily ...they'd be kept afloat by the government advertising just like the bloody Guardian. I guess it needs an individual with a bit of fire in their belly and not another a bloody committee.