Accommodating Shariah?

I am prohibited by English law (the alien law that I am forced to live by) from expressing my true feelings about Islam, should I do so I would be arrested, as another blogger has been, for inciting religious hatred, despite the fact that I am not a hateful person and I believe sincerely in the principal of freedom of religious expression.

During the last ten years or so fundamentalist secularists have used Islam and other religion's rights to try and undermine the existence of Christianity in Europe. They do this on those spurious grounds that my enemy's enemy is my enemy.

Secular politicians and activists have positively promoted Islam to the detriment of Christianity and, as a result, the Ismlamisation of Europe is a real and present danger. A danger that it is difficult to raise in public without being accused of Islamophobia, prejudice or being hateful in other ways.

Unlike Iain Dale I do not consider Rowan Williams to be an Idiotic Priest. I have always thought Dr Williams to be a very wise man. He is a man of huge intellect and an astute politician. As the Primus Inter Pares of a very diverse organisation that could be split on many issues, he has shown himself to be a great conciliator and an able diplomat since his enthronement.

Despite my disagreement with his view, I welcome Dr Williams's comments. His comments have invited a world wide rational debate on this important issue. Had he raised this issue from the other side of the argument, had he condemned Shariah law, it would have led to a political crisis, diplomatic incidents and snivelling apologies from the British Government.

By making these comments that suggest support for Shariah law, Dr Williams has opened an important debate that those who are opposed to this mediaeval legal system could never have opened themselves for fear of damnable reprobation by the secularist fundamentalists, so Diolch yn Fawr Rowan.

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  1. Alwyn.

    As I share your view of the agenda that Secular Fundamentalist have tried to impose on us here in Europe. I shudder at the thought of Sharia law being introduced here in Wales (UK whatever) with all the bad press it gets. I hate to think what Ataturk would have thought of that?

    Sharia are religious courts. Islam does not recognize a concept of separation of church (or mosque) and state.

    I share your view of Rowan Williams as a deep thinker, but this is not one of his better thought out ideas.

    You and I must have been the first to comment on this in Wales.

  2. the problem with issues as crazy as these about Shariah Law is just like the Caroline Flint kick people out of thier homes if they can't find job is that they grow legs and take on life of thier own and people start agreeing with them.

    I can't begin to say on how many levels I disagree with Rowan Williams on this issue but I also think we have reached the point when the lunatics are running truly the assylum in this country.

  3. What's a secular fundamentalist? Someone who believes in the separation of state and church?

    By the way I don't think Caroline Flint was advocating kicking people out of their council houses if they couldn't find a job, just if they wouldn't take a job. As it happens thousands of people get kicked out of their homes every week for failing to find a job but they're not council tenants.

    Back to sharia ... the more the Christians try to make common cause with Islam the more they undermine the toleration they are shown by secular society .... I think that's a pity ... but if forced to chose then I'll chose secular fundamentalism.

  4. It's come to a pretty pass when a blogger is afraid to express his true feelings about an ism because of oppresive politically correct laws .... that's the first step on the road to the Gulag.

  5. At Independence Cymru (http://alanindyfed.blogspot.com/)
    I question the fairness of the present British justice system, and see some merit in the Archbishop's comments whereby sections of the community are disregarded under British law.

  6. Alan - isn't there English law and Scottish law - and no such thing as British law.

    What sections of the community are disregarded anyway?

  7. Again the media are running off at the mouth with out reading what ws actually said and teh hordes fly after them
    I am not C of E or any established church but I think this spiritual good man is being hounded.