... and Welsh Labour woes

The fun and games for Labour are not confined to Scotland, it appears that Wales still has its share. Having lost his cabinet jobs because of the donations scandal, Peter Hain has now become embroiled in the employment of relatives fiasco. Most of the Sunday's seem to be making hay over the fact that Mr Hain employs his 80 year old mother as a secretary.


  1. He could have employed me a disabled person, he would have removed me from IB and made me feel better according to Labour.

    But better to employ an 80 year old mother then a disabled person, thats how employers look it as well. never mind we better get the fraud sorted out within MP's first

  2. keen observer03/02/2008, 22:00

    valleysmam blogged about that last week

  3. Not the end of the world, so long as she declared her earnings to the tax man.
    Half the buggers in the Lords used to be the same age and seemed to function well enough.

  4. Nothing wrong with employing relatives, just as long as they are doing the job that they are being paid for. That is why the Tory was in trouble, the raltive wasn't doing the job they are being paid for.