Eisteddfod funding secured

Back in December I published a post that suggested that this year's Urdd National Eisteddfod, due to be held in Conwy county might be in jeopardy due to funding problems arising from the Assembly's grant to local authorities:

The Urdd National Eisteddfod is due to be held in the county next year. Because hosting the festival is likely to give a six million pound boost to the local economy, the county had agreed to support it with £300,000. However, because of the paucity of the Assembly grant increase, the council may be forced to renege on this promise as part of its cut backs.

If the council's support is withdrawn the Festival may have to be cancelled. The 15,000 children who take part in the Eisteddfod will be denied the opportunity to display their talents and 150,000 festival visitors will be deprived of the opportunity of enjoying the event. If this happens it will be a disaster for Conwy and for Wales as a whole.

I was pleased to hear today that this problem has now been resolved following the Assembly's promise to ensure that all councils in Wales will receive a minimum 2% increase, which is a slight but important increase on the 1.1% that Conwy had initially been given.

Although a final decision about the funding promised to the Urdd won't be made until February 28th, the council's cabinet member for finance, Cllr Dilwyn Roberts has told Urdd officials that it is very likely that the council would now be in a position to donate the promised funding.

Well done Conwy Council!

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  1. I wonder why when the council is so short of our money,thus wanting more every year, do they feel the need to donate to this.