Scottish Labour woes

Whilst waiting for the Electoral Commission to make a decision on alleged illegal donations to her leadership campaign, Wendy Alexander, the leader of Labour in the Scottish Parliament has received a blow from an unexpected quarter. The Standards Commissioner of the Scottish Parliament has referred her case to the Procurator Fiscal in Lothian and Borders. Ms Alexander, who is a close friend of Gordon Brown, now faces a police investigation and possible charges if the fiscal concludes the alleged offences are criminal.

To add to the party's problems another Labour MSP has also been reported to the police for allegedly failing to declare a gift worth £1,000. Former health minister Andy Kerr, apparently received hospitality from McDonald's, the burger company. In fairness I can understand why a former health minister might feel embarrassed by such a gift - £1k's worth of hospitality adds up to a lot of Big Macs & fries!

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