Have the Lib Dems heard of Devolution?

Mark Young, Parliamentary Candidate for the Lib Dems in the Vale of Clwyd, proudly informs us that the Welsh Liberal Democrats have succeeded in having a petition accepted on the, patently useless, Petitions to the Prime Minister site.

It is a very laudable petition:


We the undersigned petition the Prime Minister to Create a new
target, which will encourage NHS Hospitals to create adequate
car parking spaces.

Many Hospitals have insufficient car parking spaces. Patients,Visitors, Staff, out-patients have to queue up for scarce and insufficient car parking spaces.

Visitors may be charged two pounds for visiting a relative in the afternoon, and a second charge of two pounds for visiting in the evening.

Can the Government please encourage NHS hospitals to increase the number of car parking spaces. At the same time, introduce fair and reasonable concessions for those customers who are unable to afford some charges.

However shouldn't a Welsh Liberal Democrat parliamentary candidate be expected to know that hospital parking is a devolved issue, and that the National Assembly has its own Petitions System?


  1. Most Liberals have yet to hear of the advent of devolution. The rest are opposed to it.

  2. Alanindyfed is clearly misinformed as it was the Welsh Liberals who first promoted devolution before Plaid Cymru were formed. However, Mark also needs some guidance. Not sure why I am tagged on this entry but the Assembly will have its own e-petition site up and running soon so hopefully that will avoid further confusion.

  3. Sorry, most *contemporary* Liberals!

  4. Peter Black Said:
    Not sure why I am tagged on this entry

    Sorry Peter, the original draft suggested that Mark should have a word with you about the Assembly Petition Committee. I edited the reference to you out but forgot to remove your name from the tag line.

  5. Hi all because WAG havent yet set up e petition site(After 10 years!]

    We have no alternative but to go for the second best and any profile on this Tax on the ill is good me thinks.

    Some people are unhappy if you sit on your backside and they then moan if you have a go.

    Devolution should not restrict debates Mr.M.O.Fart!!

  6. Arent we straying from the point here? NHS Hospitals are a British issue, they affect everyone and not just people in Wales. This is immportant stuff. Making cleaver remarks about where the petition is just looks like sour grapes to me - which incidently is exactly what you get when your visitors spend hours driving round the car park looking for a space rather then coming straight up to see you!

  7. No Hefyn, Health Services are not a British issue, they are devolved to the Welsh Assembly. If Mark Young's petition successfully caught the PM's ear and persuaded him to get rid of parking charges and provide more spaces, then those changes would only take effect in England.

    There are no sour grapes in the post, I stated quite clearly that I think that the aims of the petition are laudable. Mark's aims have my 100% support. In rural area's such as the Vale of Clwyd, that Mark aims to represent in Westminster parking charges are doubly iniquitous because the costs of traveling to a hospital might be very high with out having to pay crippling parking charges as well.

    The point about where the petition is sent is not "clever" either. It is practical. The PM's petition site has proved to be nothing but a publicity stunt. Of the thousands of petitions sent not one has been given serious consideration. The Assembly's petition system promises to be different, with a committee of elected members charged with scrutinising every petition sent. And given the Assembly's past record on things such as prescription charges a petition to the Assembly on parking problems is much more likely to succeed.

  8. Hefyn & Alwyn thanks for your possitive comments re Hospital carpark charges.

    I will say this and leave it at that, in the vale people are required to go to England for treatment regulary so this is why I backed the e-petition because it affects them who I wish to serve!

    The prescription charges and there timings are seen as a election stunt also,maybe this money would be better spent on frontline services so that the NHS didnt need to make profits from their carparks.