Obama - fur coat no knickers

The United States candidate nomination elections are an enigma to me. I'm never quite sure what a victory in a state is. Some are primaries some are caucuses, some are winner takes all some are proportional some give many delegates others few. The bitterness, the hate adverts and the vitriol between people who are supposed to be in the same party is beyond my comprehension.

If I could vote in America, I would vote for Mrs Clinton. My primary reason is that she is of Welsh decent and connections to current or past US presidents is a major boost to our tourist industry.

A secondary reason is that Mr Obama gives me the impression of a person that my grandmother would describe as fur coat but no knickers. His presentation is good, but when you strip off the outer coating, he is left naked! Obama is charismatic, lovable and cuddly, but what are his policies on anything? We just don’t know!

Mrs C may be boring when she discuses health, wealth and international relations, but she does have practical policies on these issues and at the end of the day it’s the policies and not the presentation that count!

There are a lot of people of Welsh descent who live in Wisconsin, many of whom are related to me. My message to them is - do your old country proud, vote for the Welsh girl!


  1. If we didn't already know the welsh blogsphere is full of paid party political hacks reporting on message from Head Quarters every day, just look at the welsh blogsphere this week, its half term in Cardiff Bay and Westminster and all but a handful are regularly updating and debating the issues that matter for Welsh Public and raising issue that the media often ignore, even BBC Wales Political Editor and Westminster reporter are on holidays, the rest of Wales is carrying on without them.

    If our politicians, political parties and civil servants don't take the National Assembly for Wales seriously, why should the rest of Wales care?

  2. Has it crossed your mind that those who are not posting this week might be parents of children who are on holiday rather than party political drones?

  3. I would vote Hilary for many reasons but one -I refelect on the views of my many American friends- America is not yet ready for the assasination of a black president.

  4. I'd vote for Hilary over Obama because she supports the war ... I'd vote for McCain over both of them of course.

    VM, I think you are a bit out of date with the Obama assassination thing ... after all we've had Colin Powell, Condi, Clarence Thomas .... interesting how they've all got Welsh surnames .... of course the media and the Democrats want to portray blacks as drug-crazed children of the ghetto and voting fodder at best ... but things have moved on.

  5. http://www.compassonline.org.uk/article.asp?n=1298

    Have a read alwyn, allow policy to win out, not rubbish welsh connections.

    You will be telling me you love Bruce Willis because of his welsh connections by starring in DAI Hard

  6. Anon
    I think you missed the point of Valleysmam's comment - the people you mention were not the President - doh

  7. You can doh all you like freda but what you're trying to say is that the ghettoes would be ablaze if Obama was assassinated. That's all very 1968.

    Pause and think why so many of the leading black figures are now supporting the Republicans, the party of Lincoln, rather than the Democrats the party of Jim Crow

  8. Hillary, if elected, promises to increase military spending.
    Obama wants more troops, and believes that invading Pakistan is crucial to the war against terror.
    Hilary also wants to step up operations in Afghanistan, and firmly believes tht America has the right to use nuclear weapons against countries that do not have them.
    In short, both candidates are in the pocket of the military, with Hilary also having a view on the recent bombing of Lebanon by the Israelis..
    She claimed that the carnage was justified since it would “send a message to Hamas, Hezbollah, to the Syrians [and] to the Iranians,” because, in her words, they oppose the United States and Israel’s commitment to “life and freedom.”
    There is more, but it now seems that for now, the support for Ms Clinton is waning.

  9. Anon - there is a latent underbelly in USA just waiting for the right spark to ignite.have you been there lately.
    the activism is on a roll

  10. Welsh "decent"??? Another thing that separates her from her husband.